Ponderin' the Past...in Petra!

While reading the book Petra: City of Stone, I thought it was so amazing that buildings could really have been sculpted out of the rock! I mean, just take a look at this picture!

Pretty cool, huh? :-)

I did a bit of history on the city of Petra, and it looked like the settlement was begun around the city of Petra around 1550-1292 BC. It became a main stop on the trading route, as you discover when reading the book: Cassia joins a caravan to journey to Petra with her son, Alexander.  In order to get to the city, you have to travel down into a canyon before rounding a bend and passing through into the city.

As Cassia discovered soon after reaching Petra, many people lived homes carved out of the rock. After traveling up many rock-carved stairs, these homes often went deep into the rock or, as Cassia's bedroom did - had a window open up to overlook the city of Petra below.

This town seems like such an amazing place to visit! What makes the book Petra: City of Stone SO good is that the author, T.L. Higley actually went to visit Petra! So she saw first hand everything she has included in the book! I highly recommend you get your hands on this book! At only $10 on Amazon.com, this book has an adventure and history lesson - all rolled into one!! :-D

~ Katy
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Diane said...

It reminds me of The third Indiana Jones movie. Beautiful! :O)

Katie Marie said...


yes, it does!! And I agree with you there - it's beautiful!! Higley describes the place so well, I felt like I was there in the city!

I love a book where you learn some history at the same time as enjoying a grand adventure!

~ Katy

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