Book Discussion - Until We Reach Home, Part 2

Let's jump right into the questions for today! As I did on Monday, I'll have three questions - each one focused on one of the sisters. This book holds SO many good discussion questions, that just 6 of them doesn't do it justice - so go borrow the book from your library or purchase it for as low as $6 HERE!

1) Elin had watched out and cared for her sisters for so long that, once they reached America and Kirsten and Sofia started becoming independent, it took a while for Elin to come to the understanding that her sisters were grown up and able to make decisions for themselves. Have you ever had to stop being so protective of a younger sibling once they've become independent? Was it hard?

I have several younger sisters under me that I care for and watch out for, but none are yet old enough to be totally independent on themselves. Although one of my sisters, who's 10, is already reaching out for her independence a little bit! ;-)

2) Kirsten pondered physically harming herself several times in the days after her discovery - she couldn't even bear to tell her sisters her secret. Have you ever been so emotionally down that you just wished you could escape it all?

I know that I have sometimes felt so weighted down with my problems that I've longed to jump ahead a few days, week, or months - just to escape the pain of the moment. Though each time I think of this, I also realize that the Lord has sent me the trials that I'm going through for a reason, and that He never gives me a trial that is stronger than I can bear..

3) The man who captured Sofia's heart left her for many months, without her knowing if he'd ever live up to his promise and come back for her - but Sofia waited patiently and had faith that he would. Would you be as trusting in a man who can't even speak to you because he doesn't know your language? Yet even if they couldn't speak to each other, he gave her the best comfort she could ask for when she needed it most by pointing her to God's word.

Sofia and Ludwig story is so sweet in that even though they couldn't speak to eachother (She spoke Swedish and he spoke German) they still found ways to communicate - to overcome the language barrier that seperated them. I don't know how I would react if I was in Sofia's shoes, but if someone came to me as Ludwig came to Sofia during her dark hours, I would think he'd be a very special man indead - and with such true character and selflessness that he'd be worth waiting for, no matter how long it took.


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