Book Discussion - The Heavens Before, Part 2

Here we are, on the second part of our book discussion! Here are just two more questions to ponder in regards to experiencing the Flood - like Annah did in the book, The Heavens Before.

1) What would be the first thought to race through your mind when you hear Noakh announce that the time had come to prepare for the Flood?

I think a bit of fear would have found it's way into my thoughts at that moment. But, soon after, as I have always liked some adventure, I doubtless would have been swept up in the preparations for such an amazing event.

2) When God began closing the door of the ark with His own hand, Annah's first thought was "I'm not imagining this..." If you had been in Annah's place, what do you think you would be thinking as the door was shut and the world outside began to be destroyed?

I would certainly feel apprehension as the door was being shut. But the realization that God was the one shutting and sealing the enormous door would have filled me with wonder. It would certainly have been a moment I would never have forgotten!

Thanks for stopping by again! Remember to stop by Friday for some more discussion! And as I mentioned before, if you leave a comment with your thoughts, you get another chance at winning Book Pondering's book giveaway, The Centurion's Wife!!

~ Katy


Unknown said...

If it were me, and Noah had just announced that, I think at first I would be in utter disbelief. I've heard that several Biblical historians and people who study that time in the Bible believe that before the flood, it had never rained before. If they are right, I'll bet people were like "Rain? What's that?" and I also wonder, if the historians are correct, if Noah even knew what was going on. Did he know what was coming and prepare for his family after a hint from God? Or did he simply have to trust God 100%?

As for the second question, I think that right then, it would all hit me. It was really happening. I also wonder if, though the people were evil, if they still had friends and people they loved. And I also wonder if Noah felt anguish at the loss of so many people he knew? Or was he happy that the people had fianlly gotten what they deserved? No doubt he knew of their endless sinning, but can any truly loving man endure such a loss withut some sadness? It causes me to think that it wasn't just trusting God and building an ark, but that there were more trust and feelings behind the story. What do you think?

Katie Marie said...

Yeah, that is a very good point! If there had never been any violent weather before, many people wouldn't understand what the skies and the earth could do - like we do today with our hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, valcanoes, hail, etc. No wonder they were so quick to scorn Noah and call him mad.

Yeah, even though the people who died deserved it, it still must have been a sobering moment. In the book, Annah mourns her sisters death - even though they had never ever shown Annah any kindness. It's always sad when a human being, however undeserving, dies...

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