Book Discussion - The Covenant, part 2

Here we are, on the second part of our book discussion!

1) Sadie continually sins throughout the book and knows to some extent that it is effecting her sister's life, yet Sadie continues because of the thrill of it all. Would you, or have you, made the same choice Sadie did, or would you be able to stop so your sister can live the life she yearns for?

Though, of course, I could not be sure, I would hope that I would be able to stop myself before injuring someone or playing a part in messing up their lives. I'm sure it would be very hard though, as sin currupts the mind and makes it hard to thing clearly.
2) Abram only wants to do what is best for his daughter, which is why he continually tries to persuade her to marry their next door neighbor. Gid, as he is to inherit a large amount of land when he marryies. Abram know Gid is a good man and will treat his daughter well, but is it worth ripping her away from the one she truly loves? If you were in Abram's shoes, and you thought you knew of a choice one could make that you are sure would be better than the one they were presently chosing, would you, do the same thing Abram did and attempt to remove the other choice?

I honestly would probably try to help them choose the one that I thought best, sadly. Growing up with 6 younger siblings has automatically placed me in a situation where I very often have to take control of matters. I have a feeling that I would try to do the same with a relative, though I know I'd say "follow your heart" if I knew they were in love with someone else. :-)


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