Book Review: The Vigilante's Bride


Romance Rating: 3 Stars
Violence Rating: 4 Stars
Fear/Horror Rating: 5 Stars
Overall Impression Rating: 3 Stars
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I had heard a lot about this book, so was looking forward to an exciting, gripping read about a girl who at first was forcibly taken from her intended, but in the end, willingly accepted her kidnappers’ help to stay away from her intended. Though the story loosely followed this expectation, I feel it fell far short from what it could have been.

Once Emily was rescued from Bart, from what I read on the back of the book, I expected Bart to go to great lengths to get Emily back. I was surprised that, after the first attempt, he apparently forgot about her! Not what I was expecting – I thought the book would be about Bart trying to get her back and Luke protecting her.
The Sheriff was another character I couldn’t quite understand. At first, from the way he treated Luke, I thought he was one of Bart’s henchmen. But since he didn’t side with Bart either, I didn’t understand why he had such a big problem with Luke – I would’ve thought he’d want to help Luke put Bart in his place. So I was a little confused/disappointed in this character.
Emily and Luke, however, were well developed characters and by the end, I felt like I knew them pretty well. There were a few moments where the author hinted at some inappropriate things, but as it was only natural in the setting the characters were placed, it was understandable, though didn’t need to be said. The first time they kiss in the book was, also, a bit disappointing – but since I don’t want to give away anything, I won’t say what it was that was such a disappointment. :-)
So, all in all, while I enjoyed the read, I was disappointed in the plot that didn’t live up to the expectations I got from reading the back of the book. But if you like a story about a stubborn woman and an equally stubborn man who form a partiality towards each other, then you should enjoy this read!


Amber Holcomb said...

Well said! I had a lot of the same problems with the book that you did. It still was an interesting and fun read, but I was expecting some of the things you were when it came to Bart and the overall plot. Plus, I also wondered what the sheriff's problems were. What did he have against doing his work and fighting for justice?

Anyway, I hope this doesn't sound like book bashing, because I did enjoy the book. It just had a far better start than a finish, in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :)


Katie Marie said...

Yeah, I hear you, Amber. It was a nice read, but wasn't what I was expecting, after reading the back cover. I agree that it had a better start than finish - I just felt like it could have went a very different route (more along the lines of Emily trying to escape marriage with Bart) than what it actually did. But it was a fairly nice read...

Thanks for commenting!

~ Katy

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