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Hey all! Today's my turn to share with you what I've read in the past two weeks. :-) I was able to get in a total of 6 books. Not sure how good that is doing to some of you! :-P I'd love to hear how many y'all usually read in a week - feel free to leave a comment and share!

Rhythm of Secrets, The: A NovelThe Rhythm of Secrets was a gripping, emotional read! It was the first book I've read by Patti Lacy, and it won't be my last! Patti writes with a lot of feeling packed into each sentence, paragraph, and scene - you cannot help but feel for the characters in this book! If you want to read my review of this book, you can go HERE and read a very thorough review. While I wouldn't give this book to younger teens, its fine for mature readers. I found myself enjoying the read and learning something from within its pages.

The Fire in Ember: A NovelThen I read DiAnn Mills new release, The Fire in Ember. That one was truly an exciting, adventurous read! It earned a place in my "Favorite Books" list! Ember was a tough little woman hunted by the past she longed to leave and forget - but it wouldn't leave her alone. The beginning of the book grabs your attention with force and doesn't let go until you reach the final chapter. It really was a great adventure - with a bit of mystery and suspense tossed in there for good measure. If you want to read my review of this book, you can do so HERE.

The Measure of a Lady: A NovelI read the Measure of a Lady all in one day. It was the first book I've read by Deeanne Gist...and it will probably be my last. The level of sensuality in the book was extremely high for a Christian book (I thought) and there were a few scenes that I actually felt the heat creeping up my neck - a big warning sign for me that I shouldn't be reading whatever it is I'm reading! lol I don't want to go into detail, but the book wasn't recommendable and there really wasn't a purpose or lesson to learn from this book - it was written simply to portray a romance between two people. So, if you like a book for the sake of romance...there are a few pretty steamy scenes in this book. But I do not care for this type of book. But that's just me! lol I am thinking about writing a review for this book...so maybe look for it in the coming weeks. :-)

Valeria's CrossValeria's Cross was the next one I read. This one was co-authored by Kathi Macias and Susan Wales. While it was an amazing story, I found the writing lacking in some areas and the feelings a bit flat. One of the biggest examples is that when a character close to the heroine dies, it is often explained very quickly and with little emotion - I don't even have time to cry for the character, I'm just sitting there thinking, "They didn't just get chopped up...did they?" So...in this respect, it could have been better...more emotional. But the story in itself was amazing - and it was a true story! Very neat!

A Woman Called Sage: A NovelNext I read DiAnn's book before The Fire in Ember - A Woman Called Sage. While this took place before The Fire in Ember, and I therefore knew a lot of the outcome, I still enjoyed it. However, I would recommend you reading A Woman Called Sage, if you want to really enjoy the book! I knew how things ended up for a few things in A Woman Called Sage - and I would've love to be surprised. :-) But it didn't completely ruin the book before, I still enjoyed it to the limit. Sage was such a strong woman. And I really enjoyed this book because DiAnn didn't use the opportunity of Sage being a female bounty hunter to push feminism - a thing I can't stand in books. So, all in all, a wonderful read!

Another DawnLastly, I finished Another Dawn by Kathryn Cushman a few days ago. I've never read a book by Kathryn before, so wasn't sure what I was in for. I can tell you that I was pleasantly surprised. While it wasn't an edge-of-your-seat read, it still easily propelled the reader through the book and held a lot of good lessons on not running from your problems, second chances, and giving forgiveness and grace as freely as it was given to you. I thoroughly enjoyed this read and know it won't be my last one by Kathryn!

Well, that's all for today. I'll be back in two weeks with more books, Lord willing. :-) If you haven't forgotten my question from the beginning of the post, feel free to leave a comment and share! And if you did forget...well, I'll tell you again. *wink*

How many books do you usually read in a week?


Charity U said...

Hmmm...how many DO I read per week? About as many as I'm allowed to bring home from the library. Probably 5 or 6. My Austenitis reviews are usually pretty up to date, you could get a better idea there. :)

lgm52 said...

Not as many as I'd like. Some weeks I can read 1 or 2 other weeks, I don't have enough time to read much...much to my dismay...I could spend my entire life/all my time with a book in hand! I love to read interviews, comments, reviews of books and authors. I truly enjoy this blog!

MaureenT said...

Depends...for the past 2 weeks I've read Plain Wisdom, When Sparrows Fall, A Place of Abundance, Katie's Redemption, and A Place of Peace. Guess that makes 5, think it depends on the book and what else is going on!
Thanks Katy!

Katie Marie said...

yes, I like reading your reviews, Charity! Keep up the good work. :-)

lgn52 - I know what you mean! As long as I have a book to read, I'm set!

Yes, true, Maureen. If it's a good book I am able to get through it quicker. If it isn't, I tend to drag my heels! lol :-P

~ Katy

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