Book Discussion - Pearl In The Sand

A few weeks ago I read Pearl In The Sand and was awestruck at the powerful message it held.

Rahab had a hard time getting over her past and embracing the future. Though she believed that God forgave her, remarks from other people lowered her self confidence and trapped her in the past. Salmone realized this eventually and immediately wished to take back some of the things he said to her, though they were kindly meant. I won't be telling you what was said as it may spoil some of the book if I explain it to you, but after Salmone realized how Rahab feels, he does his best to strengthen her and prove to her that he loves her, regardless of her tangled past.

After trying several times and failing, Salmone gets his perfect chance when Rahab looses one of the beloved pearl earrings Salmone gave to around the time they married. When they go out onto the roads looking for it, Salome finds it in the dirt, slightly coated in dust. When he tells Rahab that he's found it he informs her that it is dirty and useless now. She proceeds to argue with him and procliam that it  just needed a little cleaning up and special care, but that it's worth was still the same. The reaction was exactly what Salmone wanted. He told her that she was the pearl - the one that had been dirtied and uncared for and tossed aside afterwards. But her worth was still the same. She still meant more to him and to God than she realized.

The same is true for all of us. Though we may have a terrible, sin scarred past, God still holds us just as dear. Though we are dirtied and distorted, are value remains the same.

Something important to remember. :-)


Charity U said...

Wow, I so want to read this book! Everyone says it's terrific. :)

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