Book Review - Songs Of Deliverance




 Overall Opinion:

First off, I'm going to point out that I did not finish this book. I read the first two chapters, flipped through the pages to see if the content became any cleaner, read the end to see if they came to redemption and put behind their past sinful ways, and came to no result, as far as I could tell.  But that being said, remember that I did not read all of the book and could have missed something.

Aside from all of the inappropriate content which I plan to point out below, from the beginning it was hard for me to follow the book. I couldn't figure out what was going on through most of it, and then when I did it was only a brief moment before I was lost again. It was not a story that really caught my attention immediately, nor one that I found enjoyable. I was only into the first two chapters and one of the main characters had become pregnant before marriage, had an abortion, regretted it, than became pregnant again by a in vitro fertilization while she was engaged with a different man than she had conceived the aborted child with,(who also was confused as to how she bore a child when he hadn't touched her), and was lying in a hospital bed because she was shot by a man, and shot the man himself, who was raping her friend who he was engaged to. Though nothing was really described, I feared it would be later on which is why I put down the book. I flipped through the book in search of perhaps regrets and redemption, but on the last page right after the girl who was raped's wedding there were things said on their way to their new home like "Let's go make so-an-so a little sister.". I was disappointed and put the book down immediately.

That all being said, it might be an interesting book for an adult to read, but I definitely do not recommend this to young teenagers.

I was disappointed with the book, but only because I choose carefully what I read and was hoping this would be a bit more appropriate for younger readers. This may very well be an enjoyable book for adults, but I do not recommend this at all to young teenagers.


Joanne Sher said...

Just FYI - I didn't finish it either. It was in half a dozen different points of view and I got lost - plus what you mentioned.

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