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Hello readers! Sadly I haven't been able to read much as I've been busy finishing up school so I can graduate this spring, but I have read a few very good books lately!

No Greater Love (Extreme Devotion Series: South Africa #1)Last week I read No Greater Love by Kathi Macias. Talk about a great read! This book drew me un from the beginning and I was instantly captivated by the story of Chioma and her fight against apathied. The story was very unique and I loved reading it. You can read my full review on this book here, but if you like reading wonderful books about undying love, hard times, reconciliation, and beautiful sacrifice, than this is the book for you! Buy No Greater Love HERE!

Red Ink (Extreme Devotion Series, Book 3)I also read Red Ink, another book in the Extreme Devotion series by Kathi Macias. This book was excellent and I really enjoyed entering the life of Zhen-Li -- a Christian Chinese woman who was placed in a horrible prison because of her beliefs. It was a really good book. You can read my review here. This story would be good for someone who enjoys a touching story about the enduring faith of a woman, and the enduring love of her Savior. Purchase this book HERE.

An Amish Christmas, Expanded Edition: A Choice to Forgive / A Miracle for Miriam / One Child / Christmas CradlesAnother book I read was An Amish Christmas by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Barbara Cameron, and Kelly Long. This book was an interesting read about 4 different people in Lancaster County who experience many different tribulations around Christmas time. It was a pretty good read and I liked the lessons in it. You can read my review here, or purchase this book HERE.

Petra: City in StoneAnd last but not least, I read Petra, City In Stone. This book was EXCELLENT and I really enjoyed it! It was my first by T. L. Higley, but I am positive that it will not be my last. :-) I loved reading about Cassia and her fight against evil to get her son back from the pagan queen and Julian's quest to forgive himself and return to faith. It was such an amazing book -- I highly recommend it! You will not regret picking up this book. Buy it HERE!

I know -- that's a sad amount of books! But it's all I got! :-(
But An Amish Christmas was a four-in-one. ;-)

Also, I wanted to let y'all know that this will be our last scheduled post until January 3rd of 2011!! Our 12 Days Of Christmas will be starting Monday and we are SO excited! But, other than that and perhaps a quick post here and there, we will be taking a break for the holiday season. I, Kait, will be going home(aka Milton) next week and Katy and I will be busy having fun while I'm in town! :-)
See you next year! ;-)


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Have a lovely holiday and a blessed Christmas!

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