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Hey! Well, I've been able to do a bit of reading recently - much to my excitment!! Though I am currently running on little sleep, I have 5 books to talk about today!

Highland BlessingsI finished Highland Blessings about a week ago, and absolutely loved the experience! Jennifer Taylor did an amazing job of weaving a complex plot into a sweet story of two people forced to wed to bring peace between their clans - clans who have been at war against each other for several generations. As they battle it out and, in the end, find love, they form a strong team determined to find the traitor and once and for all bring peace to their life. I highly recommend this read and am looking forward to the second installment to this book!

Christmas at Harrington'sChristmas at Harrington's by Melody Carlson was a different experience. It was unlike the usual books I enjoy reading. It was soft and sweet and had a very calm, laid back plot to match. I enjoyed it, however, and it earned 4 stars from me. It was fun to read about Lena's trials and how she overcame them and touched other people's lives. In the end, because of her second chance and generosicty, not only did she find love and redemption, but she changed the lives of the people around her. It was a very sweet story perfect for this Christmas season!

Danger in the Shadows (Prequel to The O'Malley Series)I read Danger in the Shadows in a little over 24 hours - it was gripping! A stalker haunting a girl for over 25 years? Yes I call that an edge-of-your-seat, page-turning suspense story! The romance woven into the story was a bit heavy at times, which was the only drawback to the book. But besides this, I was hooked on this book from page 1! The characters were well developed and beleivable - I grew to love them all! I will definiatly be picking this book back up in the near future to re-read this captivating adventure story about a woman trapped in her past - and the stalker that held the keys to her prison!

Faiths Reward (Sierra Chronicles V3)Faith's Reward - the third instalment in the series - is the first book I've read by Tammy Barley. Even though I was jumping into the middle of the story, Tammy did a great job brushing up on the history without making it feel like she was repeating her previous books. (Though hearing about Jess's previous adventures made me want to read the first two books!) The book was fun and inviting, and had an intracite plot that kept me guessing! If you'd like to read my review of this book, you can do so here!

CrestmontAnd lastly, I finally finished Crestmont. I still have to write a review for this book, so you can read all about it on my blog when I do post it, but I found this a very difficult book to read. There was no real point to the whole book - no climax. The character just ran away to work at Crestmont, and then it told her story from there. There wasn't really a big plot to this book. Though some people might enjoy this story, I found it didn't encourage me to turn the pages. But, everyone to their taste, right? So, maybe someone else will enjoy this book more than I did!

Well, that's it for today! Lord willing I will have more books for you next week - as the stack of TBR (To Be Read) pile beside my bed is getting larger by the day! :-P But, we shall see! ;-) Hope y'all have a great weekend!

~ Katy


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